Are you aware that the leading cause of death in the USA is cardiovascular disease, a.k.a. CVD? CVD refers to a group of conditions that involve the heart and blood vessels. Common complications can include:

  • Heart disease
  • Heart attack
  • Chest pain
  • Stroke

The CDC reports one person dies every 37 seconds from CVD in the US, which is even more than the number of lives lost to cancer, year after year.

If the trend continues, by 2030, over 1 million people in the US could die from CVD each year.

How we approach this condition TODAY can have a lasting impact on millions of men & women here at home and across the globe.

As always, the RED Hot Sexy Way is to practice prevention and to take action BEFORE you have a condition.

Another reason to avoid Obesity is it increases CVD risk and is associated with diabetes, hypertension, and dyslipidemia which also happens to be risk factors for poor Covid outcomes.

Now is the time if you need to lose weight to start thinking about how you can move your body and what you are feeding it.

Let’s learn about nitric oxide…

In addition, a commonality for all these conditions can be seen in a loss of nitric oxide production.

Proper eating, fasting, movement, sleep, and mindfulness are all activities that assist in decreasing the risk factors that can contribute to CVD, but nitric oxide can also play a significant role in this process.

Nitric oxide is a key molecule for dilating arteries and preventing plaque buildup.

This molecule naturally declines with age.

Nitric oxide supplementation may be particularly helpful for menopausal & postmenopausal women. You see in menopause, estrogen levels also decrease, and one of the jobs of estrogen is to activate the production of nitric oxide through an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase. But if this enzyme is not activated, it can no longer support the production of nitric oxide. This is why bio-identical hormone replacement is NOT just for hot flashes!!!!! Without nitric oxide, we can experience a variety of symptoms from an increase in blood pressure to a loss of sexual function.

Nitric Oxide is also known to support:

  • Athletic performance and exercise capacity
  • Enhanced sleep
  • Faster healing and recovery from injury
  • Reduced inflammation in the body
  • Focus and mental clarity
  • Stronger bone health
  • A healthy cardiovascular system

Fortunately, You can take steps to improve and restore your nitric oxide production

  1. Eat Vegetables High in Nitrates, Including – Celery, Lettuce, Beetroot, Spinach, and Arugula -Don’t forget to make sure they are organic! You don’t need doses of pesticides to raise your levels!!
  2. Increase Your Intake of Antioxidants. Some of my fave sources include good old Vitamin C, A broad spectrum Vitamin E, Liposomal Glutathione, and Very Berry.
  3. Use Nitric-Oxide-Boosting Supplements. Two of the most commonly used ingredients are L-arginine and L-citrulline.
  4. Limit Your Use of Mouthwash. Research has shown that mouthwash kills the oral bacteria needed to produce nitric oxide for up to 12 hours. Learn more about how oral health impacts overall health in this week’s podcast!
  5. Get Your Blood Flowing With Exercise. Exercise gets your blood pumping, largely because it improves endothelial function. The endothelium refers to the thin layer of cells that line the blood vessels. These cells produce nitric oxide.

In summary, nitric oxide is an essential molecule required for overall health. Nitric oxide signals the blood vessels to relax, allowing them to expand. This allows blood to carry nutrients and oxygen to every part of your body. When nitric oxide production is decreased, your health can become compromised.

It’s important to achieve and maintain optimal levels of nitric oxide in your body. If you are interested in incorporating nitric oxide in your supplement regime, you can access the highest level of supplements by signing up for a Fullscript account through

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I recommend using the test strips to check your current nitric oxide levels. The Berkeley Test Nitric Oxide Saliva Test Strips are a non-invasive saliva test that measures Nitric Oxide status in seconds. These strips provide actionable, real-time feedback.

Used in conjunction with the Berkeley Life Professional Supplement they form a comprehensive Nitric Oxide Support Program.*

PRO TIP: You can test at any time during the day to check your Nitric Oxide levels. Ensure you have not consumed anything 10 minutes before testing. Allow a minimum of 1 to 2 hours after your nitrate high meal or supplement before testing.

If you find you are out of range, Berkeley Life Nitric Oxide Supportis the way to go. Berkeley Life Professional Supplements help support Nitric Oxide levels for a healthy cardiovascular system. Their supplements deliver the bioactive nutrients found in nitrate-rich, plant-based diets to enhance the body’s production of Nitric Oxide. Optimal levels of Nitric Oxide are associated with cardiovascular health and an active lifestyle.

Take 2 capsules daily, or as recommended by your healthcare professional because remember I am a doctor but if I am not your doctor you want to check with your own physician to assess the status of your cardiovascular diet and what supplements are right for you 🙂

That’s it for this week!

However, I have a big announcement coming for you next week, so stay tuned, stay well and stay RED HOT SEXY!