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Most women typically spend their whole lives giving to their husbands, their kids, and to their parents as they get older… Later on in life when they retire or the kids go off to college, they finally start to have time for themselves.

And then meno(pause) hits.

Society tells you that meno(pause) will be the demise of you. That you are going to get fat and cranky and dry and useless. 

I call bullshit!!  

I mean sure, that may happen if you don’t take care of yourself, but with the right natural healing and sustainable lifestyle choices, your meno(pause) can be the healthiest time of your life! I know it is for me!

But it wasn’t always that way…I had my experience with the hormone roller coaster.

From my first period throughout most of my early life, I suffered with my hormones. During my stint as a vegan, I went years barely getting a period. When I finally ate right for my blood type, I began to get my period again but still felt like shit and was struggling with…
                     and more.

In a 30-day month, I was lucky if I felt good for 7 days. Then PMS would start and I’d get cranky, bitchy, bloated… so bloated that people would literally ask me when my baby was due!! WTF! This started in my early teens and lasted well into my mid-thirties.

For a while, everything, and everyone else, came first…

While I was going through medical school, I was so focused on learning how to be a doctor while being a single mom to two boys, that I wasn’t really thinking about me. I was too busy to pause and take care of my own hormones. I wasn’t putting myself first.

Fast forward and one day I had a patient come to me with a copy of Suzanne Somers’, “The Sexy Years”, in her hand. She wanted me to help her with her hormones.

I don’t feel like myself anymore, she said.

Disclosure…I honestly have to say I was a little bit judgmental thinking Chrissy the dumb blonde from Three’s company is writing books on how to heal naturally. But my open mind always wins and I always listen to my patients so I said sure and read the book.

WOW – what a blessing – Chrissy (aka Suzanne) actually knew what she was talking about. Her book was about bioidentical hormones but to me, it was a reminder of the philosophy of natural medicine – and I realized (lightbulb moment) that combining my training as a naturopathic physician with bioidentical hormones would be a huge home run.

At the time, I was only in my 30s – helping all these menopausal women – and thought, “What about me?” I mean, I was having hormone problems too!

I realized that I was doing what any “good woman” should do…I was taking care of others, before myself.

My patients were having all these amazing results.These women were losing weight, getting emotional stability back (not crying at the toothpaste commercial or throwing water bottles at their husbands), their migraines were going away, their sex drive was coming back, sleep improving, hot flashes went away, their joints stopped aching, UTIs went away, the brain started functioning better, skin got its glow back, their hair stopped falling out, vaginal dryness disappeared, and so much more.

As a result, they were able to find a true sense of who they were, their relationships improved, and they got more clear about their passions. I saw these women transforming before my eyes, and even though I wasn’t menopausal…

I wanted what they were experiencing and I realized I could help myself as well.

I started to use bioidentical hormones about 10 years before menopause started, and that changed my life – my menopause was a dream. I started at 48 and was done by 49. For someone who had suffered hormonally my whole life, it was amazing.

I went through menopause entirely symptom-free and feel better now than I have in my whole life.

Now I continue to lead by example. They don’t call me the Self-Care, Red-Hot Sexy, Menopause Queen for nothing!

Meno(pause) is not a disease. It’s a natural transition.

It becomes a disease when women don’t take care of themselves – when they don’t receive proper treatment before, during, or after menopause.

I LOVE being in menopause.

It’s my mission to help more women get their health back, feel sexy, and love their menopause too.

As women, it’s so important that we (pause) so we can evaluate where we are in our lives and decide if that aligns with where we truly want to go. If not, it’s time to make ourselves a priority and decide what needs to happen that will allow us to live the second acts of our stories as strong, passionate, and healthy women.

Dream BIG!

A lifelong dream of mine was to climb Kilimanjaro. Exactly 365 days after my last menstrual period at the age of 49, I stood on top of Kilamanjaro exhausted beyond belief but cementing into my brain, body, and soul that this next act of my life was going to be extraordinary and that nothing could stop me.

Now, I don’t expect everyone to literally climb mountains  –that’s my jam – but your Kilamanjaro can be anything you want. It could be learning to cook, writing your memoir, starting a new business, changing careers, taking up a new hobby, running a marathon, gifting yourself a spa weekend, or having a wild party with your girlfriends…

Dream as big as you want. I get so inspired by what my patients do and want to help others live their best lives, too.

So…what’s YOUR Kilamanjaro?