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RED Self Care Cards – Now Available

A wonderful way to begin your RED journey is with the exclusive RED Card Deck. Based in the medical knowledge and philosophy of Dr. Sharon Stills, NMD, the RED deck is essential for starting your transformation.

Each beautiful two-sided card focuses on a specific lifestyle concept and is filled with fresh ideas, inspiration and food for thought. With 39 separate cards organized into three key categories, the deck helps you set a course for establishing goals and building a strong personal “scaffold” for achieving them. Dr. Stills guides you with humor, practical advice, patient-based medical expertise, and her personal experience.



In the first decade of my practice, I mainly treated my patients’ physical health problems. They wanted more energy, less headaches, relief from.



Are you exhausted? Burnt out? Stressed? Disconnected? Lacking creativity? In transition? Stuck in a rut? Bored? Angry? Did you know…



Reinvent your health, Explore your spirit, Discover your sexy!

From the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Dr. Stills was with me every step of the way in my battle for survival. She advised me of treatment options and was not only comforting to me emotionally, but kept me focused on a healthy body and mind. She continues to offer me the emotional and naturopathic support that I need. I am back on my journey toward healthy living, and I thank her for that.

– R.S., 56-year-old female from Great Neck, NY

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Stills for over a decade. She is the kind of doctor who truly cares for each of her patients. She is an amazing and tireless advocate for health. Through her coaching and knowledge, my family and I have greatly improved our health. Any person would be lucky to work with a doctor as wonderful as Dr. Stills!

– S.V., 42-year-old female from Laurel Hollow, NY

When I could find no help for my health issues in my homeland of Iceland, I traveled to the United States to see Dr. Stills. Her tests showed me what the underlying matters truly were, and she was able to discover what was actually wrong with me. Her nutritional guidelines, supplements, and hormonal medications got me back to fantastic health again. I am forever grateful.

– R.M., 61-year-old female from Iceland

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My Trip To Peru

I’m a list maker. Since the release of the 2007 movie “The Bucket List”, most people have adopted the term and have some sort of “must do” list floating around either in their head or on paper.  My list used to be called “Things to do in this lifetime” and now has...

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Dr Sharon Stills
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One of the reasons why I cook the feast myselfl LOL.
Dr. Stills

Dr Sharon Stills
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There is a good chance this applies to you or someone you love. Take a listen to my latest video.
xoxo Dr Stills

Dr Sharon Stills
Women's Health Network
In this new video, Dr. Sharon Stills explains the best foods to help heal Adrenal Fatigue — naturally!
Dr Sharon Stills
Dr Sharon Stills

Get Your Daily Dose of RED With Your Very Own Personal Deck of RED Self-Healing Cards. If you are experiencing any health issues or just want to continue rocking the good health you already have I know that there will be many tips to choose...

Dr Sharon Stills
Dr Sharon Stills

NY Friends!
Join me tomorrow (Friday) evening at Dr John Balsamo's Chiropractic Office in Babylon Village for a FREE lecture on Naturopathic Medicine and my RED Phikosophy from 7-8:30pm. Give his office a call to RSVP and save yourself a seat 631-376-0434

Dr Sharon Stills
Dr Sharon Stills

Pure joy for me celebrating my half birthday (51.5 years wise), Friday the 13th (my lucky day) and Full Moon (manifestation baby) dancing the night away with Dave Matthews and his amazing band!!
Did you know dancing is good and I mean SUPER GOOD...

Dr Sharon Stills
Dr Sharon Stills
Dr Sharon Stills

You are not going to want to miss this one!
Sign up now for this Free Online Event that I am humbled to be a part of. Starts this Monday! As I always say the best medicine does not come in a bottle...