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Wellness Inventory


Product Details

Start living your best RED life with Wellness Inventory, an online self-paced experience!

The Wellness Inventory program provides an unprecedented life-balance program for motivating behavior and lifestyle change to achieve optimal living! Determine your wellness priorities through an initial whole person online assessment in 12 dimensions of wellness. Create small SMART steps based on those priorities to move towards continual, sustainable improvement.

Your personal subscription to the Wellness Inventory program will enable you to:

  • Complete a whole person online assessment.
  • Access wellbeing and motivation profiles.
  • Create small steps for continual improvement based on your motivations.
  • Set reminders for accountability and track your progress.
  • Record insights and experiences in My Wellness Journal.
  • Access self-care practices and tools to support personal wellbeing.
  • Create more balance in your personal and professional life.
  • Maximize your capacity for optimal living and performance.

The Wellness Inventory program is a fully digital product. Your purchase will be emailed to you within one week of payment!