CoQ10 Supreme (60 Caps)

COQ10 Max Supreme provides dual-action cardiovascular support with conveniently high levels of 2 patented ingredients selected for their individual roles in promoting heart health.

  • MaxSimil® is a highly absorbable monoglyceride fish oil independently verified to meet the highest quality, safety, and purity standards in the world.
  • Kaneka Q10®, a naturally pure form of bioidentical CoQ10, is well-researched for boosting energy production in the heart and protecting the cardiovascular system from oxidative stress.


Product Details

  • CoQ10 is an essential compound found in your body that helps transport energy into your cells.
  • CoQ10 is also a powerful antioxidant that regulates oxidative stress, reduces inflammation, and protects your body from chronic disease.
  • Your CoQ10 level naturally decreases with age and is difficult to supplement with diet alone.
  • CoQ10 supplements can improve heart health, reduce inflammation, improve insulin and blood sugar balance, and improve overall longevity