Unearthing You

February 2024 Retreat in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Once-in-a-lifetime retreat created for 15 women to replenish, adventure, and luxuriate in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a sacred energy center conducive to healing, meditation, ritual, and self-exploration.

Ready to embrace self-care as an act of loving kindness to yourself?

Pursuing the power of pausing and giving yourself the gift of retreat & ritual, the most powerful medicine of all to come home to yourself.

Gaining a powerful & intimate community to witness your emergence. 

Then we invite you to Unearthing You.


Imagine Yourself:

Meditating as the sun rises

Experiencing soul-soothing movement practices

Standing in sacred ceremony under the stars

Learning tools to guide your body through hormonal changes

Learning how to feed and fuel your physical and spiritual bodies

Bathed in its breathtaking beauty

Soaking in the saltwater pools

Walking through the mountains of the high desert

Aligning to the cycles of your womanhood

Empowering and educating yourself to finally understand your hormonal journey

Having melted deeply into the sacred magic of this place

Building trust in your choices

Replenished and finally rested

Imagine Yourself:

Meditating as the sun rises over Sangre de Cristo

Soaking in the saltwater pools

Experiencing soul-soothing yoga and breathwork

Walking through the mountains of the high desert

Standing in sacred ceremony under the stars

Aligning to the cycles of your womanhood

Learning tools to guide your body through hormonal changes

Building trust in your choices

Empowering and educating yourself to finally understand your hormonal journey

Learning how to feed and fuel your physical and spiritual bodies

Having melted deeply into the sacred magic of this place

Bathed in its breathtaking beauty

Replenished and finally rested





Attendees will be responsible for their individual accommodations at Ojo Santa Fe. 

Both King Rooms and Doubles are available at Ojo Santa Fe to retreat attendees.

Please note that staying onsite is optional; however, due to potential early starts and late evenings, we do suggest staying onsite.


Attendees must be at least 40 years of age.


Dr. Stills is a Naturopathic Physician who has provided comprehensive therapeutic and diagnostic services to patients worldwide for over twenty years. Although she loves taking many vitamins all day long, she is committed to the hashtag she created #NotAllMedicineComesInAPillBottle. 

She has been a participant and leader of women’s healing circles and retreats for over 30 years and views them as medicine. She considers going on a retreat a radical act of self-care that every woman deserves at least once yearly.  

Dr. Stills can be found living life with passion and purpose. It is her mission to change the conversation around meno(pause) and to educate as many women as possible about stepping into their own sacRED second act with joy, health, and empowerment.  

She loves spending time with her family & friends and is the proud Bubbe to two adorable granddaughters. All of this is a powerful indicator of her own, well-lived RED-Hot life – one that she gushes gratitude for every day.

Gina is an anthropologist experienced in the use of ritual to advance our feminine growth through the life stages. Acutely aware of the devastating loss of ritual and communal gatherings in our modern lives, she creates events and rituals to ignite our passage into new states and stages of life. Using the living power of material things like nutrition, movement, and hydration, she provides ancient and untapped pathways to new ways to be a feminine body in today’s world.  

Named a Real Word Scholar, Gina is the author of Quench: Your Five Day Plan to Optimal Hydration with Dr. Dana Cohan, MD, and The Art of Family: Rituals and Imagination in Everyday Life, chosen as a Starbucks selection. Her work has been featured on NPR, Oprah’s O Magazine, and the New York Times.  

Gina also founded the Hydration Foundation to bring better hydration to people, animals, plants, and soils and is recognized by the Buckminster Fuller Institute for her work using the arts to better understand science. Gina especially loves water and its essential power to affect healing.

Darcie’s passion in life is curating and creating powerful conversations around things that matter to her the most … wellness (and what that is for each individual), growth (if we aren’t growing, we are shrinking, creating atrophy of the soul), and the pursuit of possibility at every single stage of life. The stage she is currently navigating and the lens she is seeing through is midlife.

Darcie is the host of the Too Cool For Midlife podcast, and she most recently hosted the Metaphysically Fit Summit. She has led dozens of events, from intimate workshops to festivals attracting thousands of big life seekers.

Born and raised in Hawaii, she has a deep love and respect for nature, whether it is sand, surf, mountains, or trees. She is also a mother of two amazing humans who have taught her so much more about herself and about life than any retreat or personal development course ever could.

Tracy Steen is an online fitness coach helping women in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond to move daily in their fitness, wellness and nutrition. Tracy firmly believes in a 360 approach to improving one’s health. In her growing online membership, she coaches the women to improve their health by offering structured and well planned workout schedules, offering nutrition coaching to help women improve their relationship with food, and encouraging the women to do a deep dive into improving their well-being.

Along with the many certifications she has attained since starting her career as a certified personal trainer, Tracy has also been a guest presenter at numerous conferences and workshops. She feels incredibly passionate about helping women to set targets in their health, and then to create sustainable strategies to reach those targets. Tracy has amassed a global audience and recently received the silver plate award for reaching over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube. She offers a huge variety of online workouts (over 1300 free workouts on YouTube to date). She also offers more structured online programs and a Move Daily Membership for growth in fitness, wellness and nutrition.

Hi, we’re Dr. Stills, Gina, Tracy, and Darcie, and we’re SO HONORED AND EXCITED to be curating and leading this incredible retreat for you. We each come from our own backgrounds as healers, learners, and teachers in health and wellness, ritual, and personal development, as well as leaders of our own heart-centered communities.


We do suggest that you stay at Ojo Santa Fe but you can feel free to stay at another hotel or Airbnb.

Yes, if you would like a roommate, we can connect you with other participants who are interested in sharing a room at Ojo Santa Fe.

The property is located at 242 Los Pinos Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507

To learn more about Ojo Santa Fe Spa & Resort visit www.OjoSpaResorts.com/ojo-santa-fe/

We will have delicious gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian options daily.

After you sign up, we will be collecting information like this from you in order to make sure you are well taken care of.

A list of clothing and any supplies you may need will be provided as we get closer to the retreat.

Yes, we will have at least one pre-retreat zoom meeting to connect and answer questions.

Ojo Santa Fe is located approximately 50 minutes (54 miles) from the Albuquerque International Sunport, and a mere 7 miles from the Santa Fe Regional Airport. 

Ojo Santa Fe does offer rides (subject to availability with 72 hrs notice) 9:00 am to 7:00 pm to and from Santa Fe airport, If you fly into Albuquerque, you can take the Rail Runner to Santa Fe County/N.M. 599 Rail Runner Station and Ojo Santa Fe does offer rides from the station to the hotel.

Each one-way ride is $30.00.

Dr. Stills will be reviewing and answering questions in group classes. 

We will begin on Monday at 8:30 am and close our time together on Friday at 1:00 pm.

We suggest that you take this time to unplug. We will ask participants to have their phones off during retreat activities.

We ask women over 40 to attend our retreat to offer support for a vital stage of a woman’s lifecycle currently misunderstood and underutilized. A woman’s journey can be distinguished by the cycles of her life.  In this stage which begins around 40 we can now birth our passions, our creativity, and our renewed relationship with ourselves and others. We are coming home to ourselves. 

We are starting to think about and manifest our sacRED second act.  We are at a different time in our lives where self-care is a radical act of loving kindness to ourselves, and hopefully, we are able to carve out the space as we realize it’s up to us to design and co-create this one precious life.

Yes, you can opt to pay in full upon purchase or a 3-part payment plan.


Regular Price: $3900 payment in full

Payment Plan:  Three payments of $1400. The first payment is due upon purchase, 2nd payment is due 30 days later, final payment is due 30 days after 2nd payment. 

*Please note the deadline to purchase your spot using the payment plan is 12/22/23.

You must read and understand our cancellation policy before making a reservation. If there is someone else found for your place on the retreat, then the full amount of your deposit and payments will be refunded minus a 10% admin fee. This is not always possible, so we cannot guarantee this. Otherwise, all payments are non-refundable.

Please feel free to send your questions to Darcie at [email protected].

Remember the old ways

It lives in our bones

Let us gather

Let us unearth

Let us tap into the wisdom

Bubbling from within and swirling all around

Photo Credit For Ojo Santa Fe Spa Resort