RED Medical

In the first decade of my practice, I mainly treated my patients’ physical health problems. They wanted more energy, less headaches, relief from a debilitating autoimmune disease, etc. They were no longer being served by and were not interested in traditional pharmaceutical therapies.

These patients wanted to get to the root of their problems and not just chase after and suppress symptoms. We spent a lot of time on addressing the physical body with natural therapeutics such as cleaning up the diet, getting hydrated, balancing hormones, etc.

The Heart-Mind-Body Connection

As a physician treating these patients, I saw that addressing the physical body was crucial. Our health really is our greatest asset — our true wealth! It doesn’t matter how much money you have, where you are or who you are with — if you are tired and sick, you are not going to have the most wonderful experience.

However, I also knew that having a healthy vessel also doesn’t guarantee you will be happy. You can be physically fit and still have a mind that is stuck in negative belief patterns. You can be physically strong and still be fearful and not willing to live your dreams.

Furthermore, I understood from personal experience that our emotional health and physical health are intrinsically linked. Nearly twenty years ago, I had chicken pox/chronic fatigue and pneumonia and was bedridden for three months.

No matter what herbs, remedies, etc. I ingested, nothing helped. Then I realized how sad I was from not having enough time with my two sons, who were 3 and 5 at the time. When I decided to homeschool them, I instantly healed.

RED Med is Treating the Whole Person

I have always carried that lesson with me, and the concept of RED — Reinvent your health, Explore your happiness, Discover your RED life — came from that personal medical history combined with my experience treating patients in my clinic and recognizing that treating the body is not enough.

Today, when I see patients I explain to them we have to address everything. Sometimes more Vitamin C is the answer, sometimes leaving your job is the answer. The body heals better when it is happier, and RED Med is truly healing focused on total harmony of the body and mind to help you achieve your RED life, which is the life you deserve!

RED Med is a way for you to embark on your personal journey to wellness and embrace the gift of this precious life. It means choosing yourself: your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. When you choose RED Med, you choose authenticity, passion, power! You choose to be alive!