How to be RED

Becoming RED starts with understanding that your physical health and emotional wellness are equally important and dependent on each other. Addressing the true needs of both your body and your emotional heart will help expand your belief system about the concept of real health.

As busy, stressed women, we often overlook the unbreakable link between our bodies and our minds and treat them as separate entities. But they are joined eternally which is why emotional stress causes physical symptoms, and vice versa.

RED is a three-pronged approach to creating real health and finding genuine happiness:

Reinvent your health through incremental changes and increased body awareness. Learn how to hear — and listen to — the messages your body is sending you so you can feel better, stronger, healthier and more energetic. Choose exactly where you want to start and how fast you will move from one concept to the next. Work on a single improvement indefinitely, or decide to mix it up regularly.

Explore emotional and spiritual obstacles that have been blocking your happiness, perhaps for a long time. So many of us haven’t had the energy, or the time, to put our emotional needs front and center. RED’s simple methods and fun exercises lead to more joy and satisfaction every day as they help reveal your hidden passions, your unshared dreams, and your heartfelt intentions.

Discover your new RED life as you take actions — both small and large — that bring you into the world around you as an active participant instead of a side-lines bystander. From sharpening your communication skills, to feeding your senses, to recognizing opportunities when they present themselves, living RED is a glorious celebration and an experiential journey.

Why RED — and not orange, blue or green?

“When I was four, I covered my bright RED hair with my hands. I hated all the attention it brought me. I wanted to fit in and be like everyone else.

Now I am grateful for that hair, and all the other ways that I am different, unique — special. I love that one of my greatest lessons in being my best self was sitting on top of my head the whole time. RED heads are thought to be fiery and crazy and wild, traits many women suppress. I want all women to discover their inner RED head so they too can get healthy, be bold and feel beautiful.”




Your personal RED path is influenced by the goals, targets and health issues that matter most to you, along with your level of motivation to make changes. Being RED supplies the energy you need to move forward in life while remaining grounded and connected to the earth, your personal history, and most important, to your spirit. As you transform your health, you will notice yourself becoming REDer in all aspects of your existence. You will feel and be RED when you make a mindful meal, when you summit a mountain, and when you lie wrapped happily in your lover’s arms.

Dr. Sharon Stills, NMD, created RED, but she reminds you that she’s not the “guru” for your life and how to live it. The guru is you.