Destination RED

Are you exhausted?  Burnt out? Stressed? Disconnected?  Lacking creativity? In transition? Stuck in a rut? Bored? Angry?

Did you know that a healing retreat/travel adventure can be just what this doctor orders for you!

I have discovered that medicine doesn’t always come in a bottle.  Often the best remedies are those that we encounter when we step outside of our comfort zone on a life changing adventure; even staying in our comfort zone can be medicinal especially if it takes place on a yoga mat, a meditation cushion or at a luxurious spa.  Destination RED experiences are designed to Reinvent your Health, Expand your Happiness and to enable you to Discover your RED life in unique ways.

It has been through my own personal process of healing and traveling that I created Destination RED -a holistically balanced, medically infused, uniquely crafted retreat travel business so I can share with you what I have embodied myself.  With the fast-paced motion of our daily lives it is easy to have the years slip by without carving out time for ourselves and magical moments to make new chapters in our lives.  Sometimes we need to stop, engage in an act of radical change and then re-enter our lives with a new perspective.  As a young single mother, I spent my 20’s and 30’s raising children, attending medical school and running a medical practice after graduation.  When my youngest son was headed off to college in 2010 I was 42 years old and facing the upcoming empty nest.  Wanderlust had been festering in my soul for years and although I had spent a lot of time traveling with my children I had never been to South America and climbed to Machu Picu. This was something my best friend and I had been discussing doing since sitting together during lectures in medical school.  It was never the right time – I had my children to look after, medical classes to attend, a medical practice to run.  But now I was entering a new stage of my life and I wanted to mark it with a memorable occasion that would shout to the universe that I was entering a new phase and a new commitment to honor my dreams and desires.  When I returned from my adventure I wrote a story about it and sent it out to my thousands of patients.  The feedback I received was overwhelming.  Not only did my patients love my story but they said they were inspired and living vicariously through me and felt as though they had been on a journey as well.  You can read the story here for yourself… This inspired me to want to share my experiences not only through stories but by bringing you all along so you could live vicariously through yourself!!!  Those were the seeds that birthed Destination RED.

What is a Destination RED Experience?

Imagine climbing Kilimanjaro and conquering your fears! Soaking in the healing hot springs of Iceland!  Gathering with a group of like-minded women among the RED rocks of Sedona for a healing celebration of self-love!  Following the path of the Buddha across India! Swimming with the dolphins in the Caribbean!  Sitting quietly with your own thoughts for a week! Participating in a cleanse that is designed to renew your cells, release toxins and ease your pain!

These experiences and many more are now available to you!  The best way to make change is to do something different.  Embrace the unknown, make new friends, explore the world and discover yourself.

Unique offerings.  If you have an idea that you don’t see listed as an option, contact me personally and we can create the retreat of your dreams for you and your tribe.

I would be honored to be your guide and accompany you on a life-changing journey to enhance your health and help you discover what living the life you deserve means for you!