BMRI Podcast with Dr. Sharon Stills - Episode 90

Mineral Shamanism: Getting to the Root of the Problem with Mineral Ratios and Sound Healing | Hamid Jabbar

About Hamid Jabbar

Hamid Jabbar has spent the better part of his adult life exploring Eastern philosophical and practical systems of Western Medicine, Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism, Thai bodywork, energy work, Amazonian plant medicines, and other traditional healing methods.

Prior to his fifteen years of working in the healing arts, Hamid was a successful lawyer in Los Angeles before moving to Arizona to reconnect with himself and his true passion of helping others. When not advising clients and educating on many expansive topics of health, Hamid focuses his work on the use of sound and plant medicines in meditation, yoga, and transcendent experiences.

Hamid is the voice behind @mineralshaman on Instagram, a platform discussing the intersection of mineral balancing, plant medicines, spirituality, and ancestral wisdom. His websites are and