BMRI Podcast with Dr. Sharon Stills - Episode 86

Retraining the Limbic System for Lasting Health

About Jonathan Streit

Dr. Streit is a co-founder and co-owner of the Institute for Restorative Health and co-creator of the BioRestorative MethodTM. This innovative method provides effective help for those seeking to reclaim their health from chronic illness. 

 Under the teaching of world-renowned Dr. Thomas Rau, Dr. Streit received his certification to practice Biological Medicine through the Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland.

 Dr. Streit is a certified Postural Neurologist, International Functional Medicine Provider, and a certified Bio-Systems Integration provider.  While studying under Dr. Arthur C. Croft, a prominent scientist in the field of brain injury traumatology, his intense interest in working with the brain, and subsequently the limbic system, inspired him to create the BioRestorative MethodTM of Neuro-Plastic retraining.