It’s been my honor and joy to help thousands of people find wellness.


Here’s what some of them have to say:

She was able to discover what was actually wrong with me

When I could find no help for my health issues in my homeland of Iceland, I traveled to the United States to see Dr. Stills. Her tests showed me what the underlying matters truly were, and she was able to discover what was actually wrong with me. Her nutritional guidelines, supplements, and hormonal medications got me back to fantastic health again. I am forever grateful.

-R.M., 61-year-old female from Iceland


I gave birth to a healthy baby boy

I went to Dr. Stills over seven years ago to see if there was a natural alternative to treating my endometriosis. She was able to help get me off of a harmful birth control pill and, through the use of natural remedies and a healthy diet, restore my body to health. I no longer suffer with endometriosis and gave birth to a healthy baby boy three years after starting treatment with her! My husband even sees Dr. Stills now for his high cholesterol and triglycerides. With her help, his blood tests are now in perfect range and he is a believer too!

-V.M., 42-year-old female from Garden City, NY


She is the kind of doctor who truly cares

My family and I have been patients of Dr. Stills for over a decade. She is the kind of doctor who truly cares for each of her patients. She is an amazing and tireless advocate for health. Through her coaching and knowledge, my family and I have greatly improved our health. Any person would be lucky to work with a doctor as wonderful as Dr. Stills!

S.V., 42-year-old female from Laurel Hollow, NY


Dr. Stills was able to detect the missing link

I began working with Dr. Stills over six years ago, when I was completely frustrated about the treatment I was receiving for my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. With one visit and twelve vials of blood, Dr. Stills was able to detect the missing link that wasn’t being treated by the synthroid medication I was taking. Throughout the years, I have learned a tremendous amount about natural medicine and how to be connected to my body. I want to thank Dr. Stills for her support on my healing journey.

-L.R., 37-year-old female from Suffolk County, NY


From the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer…

From the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer, Dr. Stills was with me every step of the way in my battle for survival. She advised me of treatment options and was not only comforting to me emotionally, but kept me focused on a healthy body and mind. She continues to offer me the emotional and naturopathic support that I need. I am back on my journey toward healthy living, and I thank her for that.

-R.S., 56-year-old female from Great Neck, NY


Able to help people like me, who live in Europe

Hello from Sweden! I wanted to let everyone know how happy I am to be a patient of Dr. Stills since 2010 and how she has helped me with several health issues. Thanks to her extensive knowledge and compassion, I am now feeling well and in good balance. I am so glad she is able to help people like me, who live in Europe, as well as in the USA. She truly is the bridge of natural medicine, providing products and services to us all that aren’t readily available!

-K.I., 68-year-old female from Sweden


What more could a mother ask for???

In my heart, Dr. Stills will always be more than a doctor. She is a mentor, counselor and patient teacher, along with being a skilled physician. She has an open mind, but more than that, an open heart. I have never known someone who possesses such wisdom and insight and uses it to enhance the lives of others. Through Dr. Stills’ influence, I have learned how to nurture my body and let my heart guide me. Most important was her influence on my broken child. ‘Above and beyond’ is part of her innate nature. When she personally escorted my daughter on a trip to California in a quest for truth and inner peace, my beliefs were reinforced that she is the most sound and caring doctor I have ever known and will ever know. The love, patience and persistence she expressed were the guiding forces in helping my daughter to find true emotional and physical healing. Thanks to Dr. Stills, she is growing up to be the beautiful and strong woman she was meant to be. What more could a mother ask for??? A ‘thank you’ could never be enough to express my gratitude.

-P.I., 54-year-old female from Long Island, NY


Worked with me to help me handle my stress in natural ways

Working with Dr. Stills was a life-saving experience. My stressful lifestyle was leading me towards an early grave. Dr. Stills worked with me to help me handle my stress in natural ways. It was not about taking a pill. It was about making lifestyle changes and taking supplements that would support my body, not harm it. There is a saying that when the student is ready, the teacher will come. Dr. Stills is that teacher. She has taught me how to live a healthier life.

-B.J., 60-year-old female now residing on a sailboat!


I have been a registered nurse for over 30 years

Dr. Stills is the best doctor anywhere! I have been a registered nurse for over 30 years and have worked with and seen many conventional doctors. No one in the medical field has the extensive knowledge and expertise that Dr. Stills provides. I discovered a whole world of naturopathic medicine thanks to her, and will continue to remain under Dr. Stills’ care because natural health remedies work!

-A.S., 53-year-old female from Nassau County, Long Island


Found the missing piece of my health puzzle

I have been a patient of Dr. Stills for a little over two years now. Prior to her care, various alternative and conventional doctors treated me for 13 years. Each doctor added a little bit of relief to my symptoms and recovery, but no one actually healed me. Dr. Stills found the missing piece of my health puzzle, which allowed my body to heal. I can’t thank her enough and would highly recommend her as a caring and brilliant naturopathic doctor.

-N.P., 52-year-old female from Centerport, NY


I still consult with her via phone

Finding a competent and compassionate naturopath is no easy task! Finding Dr. Stills was a gift! She listened carefully and asked the right questions, which enabled me to slow down and accurately describe how I was feeling. Even though she practices in a different state from where I live, I still consult with her via phone and continue to be impressed, as she always seeks to learn new methodologies and protocols for natural healing.

-C.T., 58-year-old female from New York, NY